So much for the principal being your pal: A Texas middle school principal informed Hispanic students in her school that they would no longer be allowed to speak Spanish while in class.

Principal Amy Lacey of Hempstead Middle School in Hempstead made the announcement over the intercom last month.

It didn't stick: With over 50 percent of students enrolled at the school being Hispanic, it didn't take long for the school district to issue a letter clarifying that there was no official policy "prohibiting the speaking of Spanish."

Principal Lacey has since been placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of a district investigation.

Despite the district's efforts to assuage parents, it seems some damage has already been done.

"People don’t want to speak [Spanish] no more, and they don’t want to get caught speaking it because they’re going to get in trouble," sixth-grader Kiara Lozano told KHOU.

Other students said several teachers have since issued their own ban on Spanish, telling students they will be written up or kicked out of class if they are caught speaking it.

Many in Hempstead also side with the principal on the issue of forced assimilation.

"I would defend her because she's right," resident Ruth Zboril told the CBS affiliate. "How else are they going to assimilate?"

[H/T: Opposing Views, screengrab via KHOU]