The Duke of Cambridge may be even more boring than we thought. To his credit, he has enrolled at Cambridge University, one of the top schools on the planet. But it's just a ten-week program. In agricultural management.

True to royal form, Prince William isn't taking just any course in agricultural management. It's a custom program designed specifically to help him run the Duchy of Cornwall, of which he is the heir. What's more, the course was designed through the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, where his dad is a patron.

Although the prince already had the college experience at St. Andrews, he's willing to stoop to the level of the common man once again this go-round. A dorm room will be made available for him to inhabit during the week if he needs to escape the aristocratic life to get some homework in after 20 hours a week of class time.

All told, he hasn't done a bad job of learning about the common folk in his education. After his time at college he joined the Royal Air Force, which he left just this year after three years as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. He's taking some time to decide on his next job in public service. Farmer Bill?

[image via AP]