Today, authorities in Minnesota announced that an autopsy of Prince’s body was performed at 1 p.m. local time, upon which the late singer’s body was handed over to his family. Results of the of the exam, including toxicology tests, won’t be released for weeks, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office said in a statement this afternoon:

In a press conference later in the day, local police reiterated that it will take weeks before they release concrete information regarding how or why Prince died. Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson did tell the press that there was no obvious signs of trauma on Prince’s body and that they don’t believe he committed suicide.

Olson also stated that Prince was last seen alive at Paisley Park on Wednesday evening. When friends and associates were unable to reach him on Thursday morning they went to Paisley Park and called police. At that point, Prince’s body was found unresponsive in an elevator by authorities.

Meanwhile, unofficial details of Prince’s final days have begun to trickle out into the press. Several gossip outlets—including TMZ and E!—reported today that Prince’s private jet was grounded in Illinois last week not because he was battling the flu but because he overdosed on Percocet, which he reportedly took for pain related to a degenerative hip.

Again, the extent to which Prince’s death was related to prescription drugs—or another health issue entirely—is not yet known, and barring a statement from his family or representatives, won’t be revealed until the medical examiner’s office releases its findings.