A day after a ricin-laced letter intended for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was intercepted by authorities, the FBI has seized another suspicious piece of mail—this one sent to the president.

You know how it is when you get on one of those mailing lists! Last month, a series of threatening, ricin-tainted letters were sent to President Obama and some senators, resulting in the arrest of a Tae Kwon Do instructor who'd framed his Elvis-impersonating enemy, allegedly.

Today, according to the Secret Service, "the White House mail screening facility intercepted a letter addressed to the White House that were similar to letters previously addressed to Mayor Bloomberg in New York."

The letter Bloomberg nearly received was apparently concerned with the mayor's gun control initiatives, and a similar letter was sent to his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The letter Obama received hasn't yet tested positive for Ricin.

[image via AP]