Outside of eastern Ukraine, there's no worse cold-weather spot on the planet than Boston. Just look at how the cold people there treat each other as they struggle for survival against nature's wrath.

It's not just the fact that foot upon foot continues to accumulate on Boston's streets, taking up the spots usually occupied by vomit and unconscious, racist BU students—it's that Bostonians are turning on one another. Gawker reader Darcy sent us these photos from her neighborhood, where street parking has spurred a bitter campaign of passive-aggressive sign-writing:

The battle seems to revolve around the saving of street spots with a chair, cone, or other inanimate object:

Dalrymple, the neighborhood is sick of your shit. This call-out starts a block-wide debate:

It all escalates from there, but at least people are citing their sources:

There's gotta be a better way to hash this out.

When Fenway collapses and the last frigid shouter of AH FAHK YOU!! falls silent, this will be all that's left of Boston:

Correction: I got the name of Boston's MLB stadium wrong and have corrected that error, sorry.