So many Internet "pranksters" deserve to get hit very hard in a sensitive region for the stunts they pull, but, sadly, few ever do.

That's why when one of these improvident jackasses gets a face full of fist, it's important to savor it.

Which isn't very difficult to do in the case of PublicPrank — one of the more punchable members of YouTube's malicious prank militia.

Building on the already colossally ill-advised "Stealing People's Cell Phone" "prank" by fellow shenaniganeer LAHWF, PublicPrank headed out to Venice Beach with a pair of crutches to "pretend" to steal people's phones by — get this — actually stealing them.

LOL, amirite?

One "mark" who didn't appreciate, you know, having his phone stolen, reacted by, aptly, sucker punching PublicPrank in the mouth.

A larger group of people then gathered around PublicPrank's recording equipment and proceeded to try and trash it.

The exchange ended with PublicPrank's cameraman in handcuffs getting questioned by police.

The top YouTube comment currently reads:

you just faked handicap, and stole prob a 200$+ phone. look at it from his point of view. you deserved it. stupid idea in the first place never mind run that long looking like you are actually trying to out run them.

When YouTube users are the voice of reason, it's time for some serious introspection.

[H/T: Reddit]