Ariana Grande posted a series of vacation photos with her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, on Instagram over the weekend, putting a stop to rumors that the two had broken up. Here is a rumor the photos did not disprove, though: The one where Ariana Grande demands to be carried from place to place like an infant.

"That don't even sound logical," Big Sean said last month, "No, man, she don't get carried."

And yet, and yet! Is this not a photograph of Big Sean carrying widdle Ari? Makes you think!

Then again, we don't know the context for this fond vacation memory from Tahoe. Maybe it was an emergency. Maybe her foot was bleeding again. Maybe she staged this photo to make fun of the rumors and is just joshy-woshing with us. Maybe Ariana Grande is not an actual adult baby.

But maybe she is.

[h/t MTV]