With all of the Portlandia-style hipster jokes emanating from the Pacific Northwest, it's easy to forget that the region is lousy with far-right lunatics. Case in point: A flyer being distributed around Portland neighborhoods threatening to post the names of people who receive government disability benefits.

The flyer, pictured above, was recently left on up to 75 people's porches or doors in 14 neighborhoods around Portland, according to the Oregonian. The note's creator—known only as "Artemis of the wildland"—claims he or she intends to publicly post the identities of voters on disability so that they "can be seen by taxpayers and the neighborhood can decide who is truly disabled." The number of disabled voters varied from neighborhood to neighborhood, from nine people to 23. The flyer eventually goes on to—of course—misattribute a quote about the impending death of America to Benjamin Franklin.

Artemis of the wildland has yet to make good on his or her promise to release the names of disabled voters, probably because people who sneak around in the dead of night to anonymously spout off their hateful political beliefs are liars, cowards, trolls, or all three.