Poppy the cat died on Friday, just weeks after she was officially named the world's oldest cat by the Guinness Book of World Records.

"We knew she was old, but it's still very upsetting," Poppy's owner, Jacqui West, told the Daily Mail. "She had a bad week last week. She was on antibiotics on the Wednesday because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down. She wasn't herself at all."

"It's only just starting to sink in," she added. "It's great she managed to get the world record beforehand, it's almost like she was purposely hanging in there because the process took months."

Born in Bournemouth, England in 1990, Poppy lived with two owners before West's mother adopted her in 1995. Five years later, at age 10, Poppy moved in with West and her family. She's survived by four other cats, two rabbits, and a hamster.

Poppy passed away just two days before Alexander Imich, the world's oldest man, died at 111.

[Image via Guinness Book of World Records]