He's been referred to as "Super-Pope" for his superheroic feats of faith, but is Pope Francis an honest-to-Godness superhero?

He's already gone above and beyond the call of duty by tossing out expired dogma, rejecting capitalism, and even reaching out to ungodly atheists, but the latest good deed attributed to His Holiness may be his most miraculous to date.

Last month, an interview with the Pope's Almoner-in-Chief Konrad Krajewski gave rise to rumors that Francis has been donning a costume of sorts and sneaking out of the Vatican at night to help the homeless.

Now The Huffington Post is reporting that a "knowledgeable source" is confirming the report that Swiss guards have personally witnessed the Pope leave the Vatican after nightfall "dressed as a regular priest" in order "to meet with homeless men and women."

Krajewski, who is tasked with handing out Holy See money to the poor and indigent, suggested Francis was joining him on nighttime sojourns into Rome.

"When I say to him ‘I’m going out into the city this evening’, there’s the constant risk that he will come with me," Krajewski was quoted as saying.

Though he evaded a more direct follow up question, Krajewski set the grapevine ablaze with a single smile.

If Pope Francis is indeed hiding a super alter-ego, he would be merely continuing the tradition of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — the mortal he once was.

Bergoglio "would go out at night...to find people, talk with them, or buy them something to eat," Krajewski said. "He would sit with them and eat with them on the street. This is what he wants from me."

[photo via AP]