A video from vlogger Boy in a Band that began circulating over the weekend claims to expose the music industry's "biggest secret": That a statistically significant number of the biggest pop hits of the last two decades were all written and produced by a single person you may never have heard of.

Calling this "secret" a "secret" is like calling the fact that the Secret Service was created by Abraham Lincoln on the day of his assassination a "secret": Just because it's interesting and you didn't know about it doesn't make it a secret.

That being said, the "secret" that Swedish music producer Max Martin is single-handedly responsible for more Billboard number-one hits in the past 15 years than Michael Jackson had in his lifetime is certainly something everyone should know.

But not necessarily for the reason that Boy in a Band thinks they should.

Rather, it's an important piece of information to be aware of because it says everything worth knowing about the current state of popular music, and explains better than anything why everything sounds exactly the same.

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