For the poorest people in the country, a huge portion of their income is being consumed by shit.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research calculates exactly how much the poorest fifth of American earners (who have infants) are spending on god damn diapers alone:

The results are striking. The poorest quintile (the bottom 20 percent of consumer units by income, with an average after-tax income of $11,253) spent 13.9 percent of their income on diapers in 2014. For the years 2004 to 2014, this quintile spent a far larger share of their income on diapers than any of the other quintiles, roughly 2 to 2.75 times greater than the next poorest quintile.

Diapers are too expensive but more importantly people are too poor. Tax the rich and buy diapers.

[Image via CEPR]