After getting a summer haircut, Jin Dan the Pomeranian saw himself in the mirror and immediately started walking on his hind legs. He wouldn't come down for two days, just leaning on the wall when he got tired.

Here's what Jin Dan looked like before the haircut:

And here's what he looked like afterward:

Even putting clothes on the dog and taking him outside for walks wouldn't convince him to return to all fours. His owner consulted a vet, who said the haircut probably caused psychological trauma, and advised the owner to interact more with the dog.

It took a while, but Jin Dan eventually returned to his old, less creepy walking posture.

Some on the Chinese internet suspect the Pom's affliction was faked by offering him treats so he'd stand up for photos. It's hard to say for sure, but you can watch this extremely disturbing video of the dog walking and form your own opinion:

[There was a video here]

[H/T Unfortunatelylostburner/Kinja, Photo: Rocketnews24]