A new national survey from Public Policy Polling has some godawful news for anyone who happens to be Muslim and/or named Jeb Bush. Because in both cases, Republican voters want pretty much nothing to do with you.

Of all the candidates, Donald Trump comes out as the clear frontrunner, with 34 percent of voters picking him over any other candidate. The runner-up is Ted Cruz at 18 percent, while Jim Gilmore is bringing up the rear at a solid zero.

On Jeb

  • If given the choice between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, 58 percent of voters choose Trump, with another 9 percent being undecided.
  • Almost 50 percent of voters have an “unfavorable” opinion of Jeb. Another 18 percent can’t quite decide.
  • Yeesh:

On Muslims

  • 54 percent of Republican voters support banning Muslims from entering the United States altogether; 21 percent remain unsure. Only 25 percent of Republicans outright oppose banning all Muslims.
  • Regarding Donald Trump’s widely disproved New Jersey 9/11 tailgate, 36 percent still believe that “thousands of Arabs in New Jersey cheered when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11.” Another 29 percent think it’s possible but aren’t sure.
  • 54 percent of Republican voters would be open to the idea of shutting down Mosques in the US, with 28 percent of those being in full support of the idea.
  • Only 37 percent oppose creating a national Muslim database.
  • And yet, 49 percent of respondents claim to oppose the Japanese internment during World War II.

On Aladdin

  • 30 percent of respondents said that yes, they would support bombing Agrabah, while 57 percent where unclear.
  • Because Agrabah is a fictional kingdom in a Disney movie, put another way, 87 percent of respondents were open to bombing any vaguely Arabic-sounding nation, regardless of whether they had any idea at all of what it actually was.

You can see the full survey results over at Public Policy Polling here.

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