A Eulogy for the CAPTCHA

Gone but not forgotten

Tarpley Hitt
Compared with simple eyes, compound eyes possess a very large view angle, and can detect fast moveme...

Rigorous Feelings: The Tension at the Heart of Contemporary Feminism

Before the promise of structural change, the thorny question of emotion remains

In Crisis
Zoe Hu
Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testifies during t...

Did Cassidy Hutchinson Really Help Clean Up Trump's Ketchup?

I find her credible, but that part's hard to believe

catsup cass
Claire Carusillo
WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 26:  Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornw...

Prince Charles Accepted Suitcases Full of Cash from Qatar's PM

But nothing illegal was going down, Clarence House says

deal or no deal
Claire Carusillo

Guiliani Narrowly Escapes With His Life Following a Light Pat on the Back

If he hadn't been in such good shape, he might've been murdered

what's up, scumbag?
Claire Carusillo

These People Should Have Aborted Their Tweets

And they can while it’s still legal

Fran Hoepfner

The Curious Case of Leana Wen, Physician-Advocate Turned Covid Pundit

How did a rising star in public health come to encapsulate the pandemic concessions of our experts and leaders?

The Pragmatist
Abby Cartus

Top 10 Assassinations

What happened to assassinating?

Tarpley Hitt

Joe Biden on Progress: We Got Biracial Couples on TV

The president went on Jimmy Kimmel in an attempt to prove that he is, in fact, alive

State of the Union
Olivia Craighead

Most of Rick Caruso's Celeb Supporters Probably Can't Vote For Him

Because they do not live in L.A.

Tarpley Hitt

Eric Adams Is Obsessed With Turning Haters Into Waiters

It's his Real Housewives catchphrase

Olivia Craighead

The Depp/Heard Verdict Is Just the Beginning

After #MeToo, the backlash

Me Too
Joan Summers

Kyrsten Sinema Outfit Review: Hand Embroidery Edition

Is this some kind of coded message?

Debra Messing Cameo
Claire Carusillo

Spooky: Eric Adams Is Right For Once

Of course there are ghosts at Gracie Mansion

Boooooo York City
Olivia Craighead

High and Dry in Vegas

Nevada's water crisis is getting harder to ignore

Lake Mead
Nicholas Russell

Anti-Madison Cawthorn PAC Claims It Was Hacked

The group that posted the congressman's dry-hump video was flooded with porn yesterday

Tarpley Hitt