Hey, look, it's Jon Lundberg again, the same Tennessee lawmaker who honored himself last month with a formal resolution to celebrate his achievements. Now the Republican representative has moved on to squaring away another personal issue: getting even with that GD son-of-a-bitch stupid BASTARD traffic camera that fined him for speeding in 2010.

On October 21, 2010, an honest, law-abiding, hard-working traffic camera stationed in Bluff City, Tennessee captured Lundberg's 1998 Ford driving 60 mph in a 45 zone and issued the car owner a $90 ticket. The photo didn't picture the driver, so Lundberg claimed that an employee of his PR firm—the same public relations firm honored with a formal resolution last month—was driving the company vehicle at the time. (Eyewitnesses, however, swore they saw a faceless operator shaking a fist and hollering, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" at the camera.)

Then, earlier this year, a bill magically appeared in the State House that would outlaw the Bluff City traffic camera. Guess who ponied up to be the co-sponsor? None other than Jon Lundberg.

Hmmm. Pretty suspicious, huh? When a Nashville City Paper reporter asked Lundberg about his feud with the camera, the Republican insisted that there was no lingering animosity between the two and that, as a matter of fact, the whole incident had completely slipped his mind:

The traffic camera speeding ticket “has absolutely zero effect” on his decision to sponsor the bill, Lundberg told The City Paper. “In fact, until you said that, I completely forgot about that.”

And then he leaned over to pick up something and a teeny-tiny traffic camera voodoo doll fell out of his pocket and no one said a word.

[Nashville City Paper // screengrab via WSMV-TV]

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