If you got into a frontal collision with another car and afterward there was blood streaming down your face, you might leap out and start yelling HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY FUCKING FACE SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW I NEED PLASTIC SURGERY FUCKING HELL OBAMACARE. But in fair Canada, even injurious car accidents are pleasant and anodyne.

Toronto TV reporter Alfredo Colangelo was quick to the scene of a traffic accident in the city today, and immediately started asking the tough questions of one of the people involved, with Instagram rolling:

Next time you're feeling like you might snap from the fucking relentless minor stresses of daily life which gnaw at you like little mice that heed no honor in combat and fear no God at home—just think of the poise and strength of Canadian Blood Man. Let that stress wash off your blood-crusted forehead. Tomorrow is another day.