A vendor selling guns at an arms show in Bloomsburg, Pa. on Saturday under the business name In Case of Emergency Enterprises shot a woman in the leg accidentally when demonstrating a concealed-carry wallet holster. To reiterate: his business is called In Case of Emergency Enterprises.

Geoffrey Hawk was shilling for his company at the Eagle Arms Gun Show when the incident happened. Hawk told police that it was possible that someone loaded the gun when he was busy as he thought the gun was unloaded during the demonstration. He said he had done the same demonstration twenty times without the gun firing.

Joel Koehler, the man who runs this particular arms show, said this was the first shooting that the show had ever seen.

Via the Associated Press:

The Columbia County district attorney's office will determine whether the vendor, Geoffrey Hawk, will face criminal charges stemming from the shooting Saturday at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, Officer Brad Sharrow said.

After the shooting, Hawk was asked to close his booth and leave the show while the rest of the events continued on Sunday. Krista Gearhart, the 25-year-old woman whom Hawk shot, was taken to a local hospital, and treated for a thigh wound. She has since been released.

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