Police still have not determined a motive in the shooting spree that left six people dead and two severely wounded in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this weekend, the Associated Press reports. Undersheriff Paul Matyas said that while Jason Dalton has admitted to the shootings, he won’t say why he did it.

“He’s not particularly saying,” Matyas said. “We’ve talked to him, interviewed him. We still don’t have a reason...He has not divulged enough info for us to say [why].” From the AP:

Authorities say Dalton ferried passengers as an Uber driver the evening of the attacks, and a passenger said he reported Dalton’s erratic driving to police shortly before the shootings began, and that the recklessness started after he received a phone call.

Matyas said that call doesn’t appear to be “any type of trigger mechanism” for the crimes.

Paul Vlachos, an attorney for Dalton’s family, told ABC News that the shooter’s wife, Carol, told him “he’s been acting differently in the last couple of days and his wife asked him and he said he was tired.”

“Jason by all accounts was a fairly gregarious character. A good father. Well-known in the community. Well-liked. There was nothing to indicate that something like this would occur,” Vlachos said.

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