Macon, Ga., police are seeking a former Waffle House employee caught on camera masturbating to completion in one of the restaurant’s booths on Monday during a slow lunch hour.

The suspect, 36-year-old Emanuel Williams, was alone in the restaurant with a female coworker, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, when he sat down in the booth and announced that he was “about to jack his dick.” The woman, who was on the phone, finished her call and “walked over to the suspect to see if he really was jacking his penis,” the report continues.

“And he was.”

She started recording the incident on the phone while Williams “continued on until he masturbated” [sic] (sick), and called him a pervert. He responded that he was just a freak, and she said she hoped he washed his hands.

Williams was fired after the video “went viral” on Facebook and was sent to a local TV station. The woman who filmed Williams’ lunchtime jack sesh says he threatened via Facebook that he was going to “fight her” for putting the video online, so she decided to get the police involved.

According to The Smoking Gun, Williams is a registered sex offender who served a decade in state prison for a 1999 rape.

[h/t Smoking Gun, Photo: 41NBC]