Las Vegas police are searching for a famous MMA fighter who allegedly attacked his girlfriend this weekend, beating her so brutally that she was hospitalized with severe injuries.

Police say mixed martial arts fighter War Machine—whose real name is Jon Koppenhaver—went on the run after attacking girlfriend Christy Mack and a third, unnamed party in an altercation on Friday night.

Both victims had to be hospitalized and Mack, a well-known porn actress, was apparently left unable to speak due to a broken jaw and eye socket.

Koppenhaver, who appeared on the FOX show, Ultimate Fighter, was also signed to a MMA tournament group called Bellator. Bellator's president told TMZ this weekend that Koppenhaver would not be welcomed back.

"We have a zero tolerance policy here at Bellator when it relates to any form of domestic violence, and after learning of this latest incident involving (Jon Koppenhaver) War Machine, Bellator is releasing him from his promotional contract with the organization."

It's not Koppenhaver's first brush with the law—he was convicted of assault after a 2010 bar fight in San Diego and was apparently arrested on felony domestic assault charges in 2009.

Nor does it appear to be the first time Koppenhaver laid hands on Mack. According to FOX Sports:

She tweeted last November that War Machine "threatened to kill" her.

"He full on beat the s*** out of me, couldn't show my face in public beating," Mack tweeted.

She deleted the tweets not long after and War Machine tweeted that the whole thing was a joke. A month later, Mack tweeted that she stayed with War Machine after "several slapping, choking unconscious, smothering, kicking and throwings."

According to TMZ, Koppenhaver tweeted—and then deleted—a message to Mack on Saturday, writing "@ChristyMack I love you and hope you're okay. I came him(sp) early to surprise you and help you set up for your convention. I can't believe what I found and can't believe what happened."

Mack, who remains hospitalized, has denied the cheating allegations over social media.

[h/t the Blemish, image via Twitter]