Authorities investigating the death of Fox distribution executive Gavin Smith say a hiker's discovery of his remains last week has helped them to finally solve the "how and why" of the two-year-old case.

Smith, 57, was first reported missing in May, 2012. His Mercedes Benz wasn't found until February 2013, when police discovered it in a storage unit belonging to convicted drug dealer John Creech. Police say there was evidence in the car suggesting Smith had been murdered there.

Dolson referred to the discovery of the body as "obviously a crucial piece of evidence." He declined to say what the cause of death might be but said the body had suffered "some blunt force trauma." He added that although they did not completely rule out possible gun wounds, "We don't believe that is the case."

Authorities say Smith was allegedly sleeping with Creech's wife. But Creech, who is in jail on unrelated drug charges, has been named only a person of interest in the case and is not currently a suspect. Authorities also believe Smith was killed by a hitman.

The exact manner in which Smith died hasn't been determined, but he was probably killed at the direction of an individual and with the assistance of others experienced in violent crime, according to law enforcement sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because there are not authorized to publicly discuss the case.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department Lt. Dave Dolson said that having a body and all the attending evidence should finally enable officers to make an arrest in the case.

[image via KTLA]