Track Palin—the 26-year-old son of Sarah Palin, who today endorsed Donald Trump for president—was arrested last night, and court documents obtained by Gawker reveal more details about the bloody and frantic altercation.

According to a police report written by Officer Andrew Kappler—and first reported by the AP and KTVA in Alaska—Wasilla police were dispatched to a home owned by Sarah and Todd Palin after receiving a 911 call from a woman who said that she had been punched in the face by a male who was also in possession of a gun. 911 dispatch also received a call from Track Palin, informing them that the woman who had previously called them was drunk.

Kappler writes that upon arriving at the home he found Palin outside talking on his phone with a “visible injury” to his right eye. He also observed that Palin’s eyes were bloodshot and that his breath smelled like alcohol, and writes that Palin was “uncooperative, belligerent and evasive.” Because of Palin’s “escalating hostility” and the “unknown whereabouts” of the victim, Kappler placed Palin under arrest.

Soon after Palin was handcuffed, other officers on the scene located the victim, who is identified in the report as Palin’s girlfriend. She was found “hiding and crying underneath a bed inside the residence” and told police that earlier in the night Palin had struck her near the eye with a closed fist and then held a rifle to his head threatening suicide (the victim’s last name has been redacted):

She and her boyfriend of one year, Track Palin, left a different residence together and were arguing the whole way home. Once they got to his home they argued in the car, then in the driveway . They were screaming and he was calling her names. [Redacted] told Palin that she had called the cops even though she had not, in attempt to calm him down and to scare him away from “touching her”. Palin approached [Redacted] and struck her on the left side of her head near her eye with a closed fist. [Redacted] got on the ground in a fetal position because she didn’t know what else he would do. Palin then kicked [redacted] on the right knee. [Redacted]’s phone was sitting on the ground in front of her. Palin took her phone and threw it across the driveway. She retrieved the phone and went inside the house. Palin was already inside and holding onto a gun, yelling “do you think I’m a pussy?” and “do you think I won’t do it?” [Redacted] stated Palin “cocked the gun” and was holding the rifle out next to him with the his right hand near the trigger and his left hand near the barrel, with the barrel just away from his face pointed to the side. [Redacted] was concerned that he would shoot himself and ran outside and around the house. She didn’t see where Palin went, so she went inside and up the stairs, where she hid under a bed. Shortly after, she heard Palin walking around inside looking for her. Palin left after not locating her.

Kappler writes that another officer noted injuries to the victim’s face and knee as well as the presence of an unloaded AR-15:

Sergeant Rader observed [redacted] to have bruising and swelling around her left eye. She complained of pain to that area as well as to her right knee. He observed a small red area near her knee. The involved firearm, an unloaded AR-15 rifle was located on the kitchen counter.

According to court records, Palin posted $1,500 bail and is due in court on Feb. 19. The full police report is below. Further documents can be read here.

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