If there's one thing we learned in 2014, it's that political cartoons are awful. Doubly so if your name is "Banksy" and triply so if your name isn't "Banksy" but you wish it were, like the aspiring satirist behind the piece seen above, which reportedly "has many outraged" in Detroit.

Spotted near a police station earlier this week, WJBK-TV says cops and non-cops alike have called the shocking depiction of blob-on-blob crime "hurtful."

Of course, thanks to the graffiti's dog shit execution, the artist's intended message is almost completely inscrutable, but that hasn't stopped critics from weighing in anyway.

"I don't believe—looking at the painting—that God would give an angel a gun to shoot a police officer," said Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt. "I think God gives angels to police officers to try to protect them."

Even on the news story itself, the takes came in hot, representing all (bad) points on the political spectrum:

Thankfully, the offending artwork has now been painted over, rendering the vague political statement only slightly more opaque.

[Images via WJBK-TV//h/t Washington Post]