After you go to the trouble of labeling a container "not weed," there's almost no wrong way to use it. You could fill it with loose change, monkey teeth—even heroin! In fact, there's only one thing that doesn't belong in a "not weed" container, which is reportedly just what a Nebraska man had in his on Saturday.

After arresting 21-year-old Jordan Meier for suspected DUI, police say they found the purportedly drug-free container seen above. Possessing a keener law enforcement instinct than you or I, officers looked in the container anyway, finding, yes, weed. Via The Smoking Gun:

[D]uring an inventory search of the vehicle, a 16 oz plastic Land O Lakes sour cream container labeled 'Not Weed' was found under the passenger seat containing 11.4g of marijuana. Jordan claimed ownership of the marijuana and was cited and released for the possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Asked why he so brazenly mislabeled the container, Meier told The Smoking Gun, "I don't know… I thought I was being funny. Inside joke with myself, I suppose."

[Image via Lancaster County Sheriff's Office]