It took three police officers to safely extract an adult McDonald's patron from a toddler's high chair in which he had somehow managed to get himself stuck.

The Cork, Ireland, resident was enjoying a late dinner last Tuesday at the restaurant's Winthrop Street location when he spontaneously decided to see if McDonald's' baby seats could comfortably sustain an adult-sized derriere.

While he was able to successfully lodge himself in the chair, he was unfortunately unable to subsequently remove himself from it.

Witnesses say alcohol may have played a factor in the man's ill-advised science experiment.

The police were eventually alerted to the situation, and arrived to free the customer from his childish prison.

Huffington Post UK notes that the man was apparently dining alone, but says it is unclear if he had arrived solo "or his friends left him after his practical joke went wrong."

After a photo of the incident went viral, McDonald's piled on with a tongue-in-cheek release reiterating its recommendation that "children don’t use the high-chair without adult supervision."

[H/T: Brooklyn Mutt, photo via Twitter]