If you're looking for a good drug-fueled orgy in southern Michigan, your best bet is reportedly the Masonic Temple in Battle Creek.

At 2 a.m. last Sunday morning, police were called to the Battle Creek Masonic Temple about a possible fight. But when police arrived, they didn't find a brawl; instead, officers allegedly walked in on a “drug-fueled sex party."

The first officer in the door found reportedly one couple in the midst of “lewd sex act” as other several other nude partiers stood nearby, filming the couple and using unspecified drugs. Multiple arrests were made.

“Charlie,” the Freemason in charge of bookings at the Temple, told Newschannel 3 that a group had paid $900 to rent out the Temple that Saturday for a dance party. “Charlie” also said all future private events at the Temple had been suspended, adding that drug-fueled sex parties are not something that the Freemasons support.

According to the Battle Creek police department, there's been at least one other sex party broken up at the temple, though "Charlie" denied their claim during an off-camera with Newschannel 3.

[via The Atlantic Wire]

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