After arresting and then releasing an Elvis impersonator earlier this week in connection with the Ricin letters sent to President Obama and other political figures, police have now taken into custody a taekwondo instructor who was an apparent rival of the Elvis impersonator.

Everett Dutschke, 41, of Jackson, Mississippi, was arrested early this morning after FBI special agents searched his home this week. "I don't know how much more of this I can take," Dutschke had told reporters as the FBI rifled through his house.

The lawyers of Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, the Elvis impersonator and nemesis of Dutschke, believe that Dutschke was framing Curtis because of a personal vendetta arising out of a martial arts feud. Curtis was not too familiar with Dutschke, but was aware of a grudge being held against him.

Curtis' attorney told reporters on Saturday that "we are relieved but also saddened. This crime is nothing short of diabolical. I have seen a lot of meanness in the past two decades, but this stops me in my tracks. "

Dutschke, who fronts Robodrum, a band that performs "Live-Loop Oriented Rock with tons of lasers," was already out on bond for child molestation charges. This new arrest, however, is in connection with the Ricin letters, and not with the previous charges. The Tupelo Police Department told TPM, "we did not arrest him on our charges we had prior to this incident."