Residents of Philadelphia can finally relax: A man accused of being the city's famed Swiss cheese fucker has reportedly been arrested.

Officers from Philadelphia's Special Victims Unit reportedly arrested Chris Pagano—who was rumored to be the cheese masturbator—on Thursday morning.

Pagano, who allegedly offered a woman money to watch him put swiss cheese on his dick, faces charges of indecent exposure, stalking, and harassment.

And this isn't Pagano's first brush with the law over his love of holed dairy. From, who have really owned the Swiss Cheese Masturbator beat since the story broke last week:

Court documents revealed that Pagano was arrested in 2009 after he allegedly "removed a large block of cheese from his pocket" and offered a woman on the street "$20 to rub the Swiss cheese on his penis." Pagano pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, and a solicitation charge against him was dismissed.

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