Police suspect the death of a woman who received an illegal butt injection at a hotel near the St. Louis airport may be connected to a previous fatal butt-lift in Dallas.

The victim, 22-year-old Daysha Phillips, went to the hotel with two friends and paid $300 for butt-enhancing shots, her aunt told the Dallas Morning News. One of the other women backed out of getting the injections, but Cooper, who had done it before, went ahead.

She had a heart attack shortly after the procedure.

“They heard her moaning and gasping for air, wide-eyed … like a rag doll,” her aunt said.

Police in Edmundson, Mo., believe Phillips’ death may be linked to similar cases in Dallas. Wykesha Reid, 34, died in a salon February 19 after allegedly getting the procedure from Denise “Wee Wee” Ross and Alicia Clarke, a transgender woman, who are also accused of giving another woman an extremely painful injection and sealing it up with super glue.

Ross and Clarke have been charged with murder, but were released on bond in June. Ross, who was initially on house arrest, was freed from her ankle monitor July 10—Edmundson police suspect she may be involved in Phillips’ death.

“I’m feeling it is one and the same,” Edmundson police chief Miklos Hurocy told the Morning News, “That’s pretty much what we’re thinking.”

[Photo of Phillips via Fox2Now]