Chicago resident Micah Uetricht decided to put the Polar Vortex to use and have some fun by throwing a few pots of boiling water in the air and watching it freeze. He did this alongside his girlfriend while standing on his balcony, and each time the water blew back at him (hitting both of them), proving that one thing more dangerous than cold air is cold, moving air.

The spontaneous snow, apparently, also hit a man below walking his dog, whom Uetricht saw coming, although I suppose getting momentarily snowed on in a Polar Vortex is like getting squirted with a water gun in a pool. Doesn't do a hell of a lot to change your situation. Not even if the water gun is full of piss. (There is no indication that the pot was full of piss.)

After the second boiling water toss, Uetricht reported, "I got it on my penis." Redefines snowballing.