Taking the saying "I'd give my left testicle" to its illogical conclusion, veteran poet Raffael Medina Brochero has offered to give both of his testicles in exchange for money to fund his upcoming European tour.

After finding himself broke on a 2012 tour of South America and having to break a few laws to get by, the Colombian native decided to prevent a repeat by gathering up the sufficient funds for his next trip in advance.

According to Colombia Reports, Brochero, 52, is looking to sell his balls for at least $20,000 — but another source claims he is asking for closer to $200,000, which sounds more reasonable, but not by much.

Brochero, who is a married father of one, reportedly told a local radio station he welcomes the transplantation of his testicles into the body of a man who needs them more than he does, or, failing that, their use in the preparation of soup.

[file photo via Todelar]