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Look at this amazing video of some kind of demon bursting out of a manhole in New York today. And it would be so much more amazing if this citizen journalist had simply held his or her phone horizontally instead of vertically. Your viral video should not be a narrow strip surrounded by the void.

On the left, you see the original video, which was "shot wrong." On the right, a grainy zoomed-in cropped version by Gawker's forensic video team gives an idea of how much fury could've been captured had the person simply held the phone correctly.

Let's try this new "hold the phone camera correctly" method, together, and the next time you see an explosion or riot or UFO or people doing a funny dance you'll be ready to do things right:

1. Grab your phone, if you're not already holding it.

2. Select the camera app and put the slider on video mode. (It will have a little video camera icon.)

3. TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS, also known as horizontal, or landscape mode. Like this:

3. Touch the record button. (It will blink if it's recording video.)

4. Put your exciting video on the Internet so it can "go viral," like a sex/mouth disease.

Every day around the world, potential Viral Videos are ruined because the person is holding the phone the wrong way. And unlike the Monster Beneath Manhattan video we successfully cropped here, most wrong-way videos cannot be cropped. Like this one, how would you crop this? You could not crop this, that's how. The hero student's head would be removed, or it would just show his big red shoes. It would be terrible.

[Thanks to Bret Mantyk for the video, which was shot wrong.]