While one’s first rave is generally thrilling, it can also be bewildering experience for an unsophisticated Drug Enforcement Agent. When, for instance, do ravers put on their rave clothes? Which sports drinks do they favor? Also what in God’s name is a “PLUR”?

Fortunately, the answer to all these questions and more can be found in the DEA’s summary of “The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs,” a 2001 document recently discovered by MuckRock while investigating the ambiguous relationship between the agency and “grandfather of ecstasy” Alexander Shulgin.

The report—based on a presentation by a retired detective who had been “going to raves since 1992”—is a wealth of information on the culture, music and animation preferences of ravers. But first, a little background on “rave parties” (hereafter “raves”):

Should an agent need to identify the specific type of repetitive electronica pounding in their ears, a rundown of the primary music genres played at raves is also included.

The real report’s real draw, however, is an initialized guide to the subculture covering everything from glow sticks (“Glow sticks are sold at gas stations”) to candy ravers (“They dress like children”).

Also offered is the DEA’s (apparently no longer restricted) knowledge of the mysterious code word “PLUR.”

Finally, the report recommends some places at the mall to find quality rave shit.

Ah yes, HOT TOPICS, every rave party attendee’s favorite vendor for clothing and paraphernalia.

[h/t J. Patrick Brown]