In Pizza Hut's quest to reinvent itself as a restaurant serving food fit for human consumption, no tactic is too radical. Pizzas made by actual humans? You bet. And now the dynamic company is making the boldest innovation of all.

Ad Age's Maureen Morrison today lands an exclusive interview with Pizza Hut's dynamic U.S. chief marketing officer, who reveals the dynamic and fearless ways in which Pizza Hut™ brand food product is connecting with the dynamic and authentic lifestyles of the Millennial™ generation.

Ms. Walsh said Pizza Hut is responding to research that's found that consumers are increasingly seeking food perceived as higher quality and more gourmet with unconventional flavor combinations. The company started in January with its hand-tossed pizza, touted as having a "lighter, airier crust, cheese blended with five Italian flavors and now brushed with garlic-buttery goodness." It even included imperfections to give it an air of authenticity.

What followed was other more milliennial-friendly flavors, including garlic-parmesan pizzas (a five-cheese and a chicken-bacon-tomato variety) and three barbecue pizzas promoted by country singer and TV personality Blake Shelton.

Food with "higher quality?" It sounds unconventional, but Pizza Hut™ is the type of dynamic and unconventional brand that welcomes authentic ideas about upgrades to corporate pizza food products. Here at Pizza Hut™, our authentically imperfect™ food products are targeted at the two hottest trends among Millennials™:

1. Flavors

2. Country singer and TV personality Blake Shelton

What is next in Pizza Hut™'s dynamic and innovative campaign? Stay tuned to your trending social media hashtags to find out!

[Photo: Flickr]