Police say buying heroin in Pittsburgh used to be as easy as going to a McDonalds drive-thru and telling the disembodied voice, "I'd like to order a toy."

The customer would then drive to the window, hand over the money and get a Happy Meal box containing heroin in exchange, Manko said.

Pittsburgh's finest caught wind of the take-out service when an informant came forward, and undercover officers quickly set up a sting operation at an East Liberty McDonalds.

After ordering a toy from the drive-thru menu, the officers gave 26-year-old Shania Dennis $82 in exchange for a Happy Meal bag that contained a toy and 10 stamps of heroin. According to reports, Dennis put $2 in the cash register and put the rest of the money in her bra.

It's not clear how many buys the Pittsburgh police made before arresting Dennis — the only detailed purchase is the one on the day of her arrest.

After they arrested Dennis, police found an additional 50 stamps on her person.

Dennis, who is being charged with possession, delivery and possession with intent to deliver, has denied her involvement.

A similar bust two weeks ago in nearby Murrysville netted another McDonalds employee, who also stands accused of slinging heroin with his burgers.

[image via WPXI]