I like pistachio nuts. In fact, I would say that pistachios are the fifth best variety of nut in the whole wide world.

Once you crack that shell, you'll find a tasty nut waiting for you. And they're green, which is fun. I encourage everyone out there to give pistachios a try. I don't think you'll regret it.

I like pistachios so much that I composed a bit of light verse.

"Yo ho ho ho, pistachio

They've got character like Shakespeare's Horatio [pron. "whore-ashy-oh" for the purposes of this verse]

If the death row executioner was coming to smash me, yo

One of my top five hypothetical final meal menus would include a serving o' pistachios."

They're pretty good to eat.

What are the four more superior nuts? Perhaps we'll discuss this topic more in coming weeks.

[Photo: David DeHetre/ Flickr]