A photojournalist was at the right place at the right time to capture the worst possible outcome for a woman standing on the beach during a thunderstorm.

Photographer Rogério Soares was snapping photos of the stormy coast of São Paulo state for Brazilian daily A Tribuna, when he spotted a 36-year-old tourist Rosangela Biavati running toward the beach.

He managed to take a single photo of the woman before she was struck and killed by a lightning bolt.

That, too, was caught on Soares' camera.

According to A Tribuna, Biavati and her companions ignored warnings that were clearly in place against approaching the water.

But a climatologist who spoke with Globo's G1 news portal said those warning often aren't enough.

"People are really anxious about going to the beach and don't listen to safety recommendations," said Rodolfo Bonafim. "Ideally the place should be cleared, and entry should be forbidden during a thunderstorms."

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