Over the past few months, the proud city of Philadelphia has been gearing up for a huge event: the opening of a flagship Wawa in Center City. The pope will be there soon, also.

The enormous flagship Wawa had its grand opening this morning—allegedly rushed to precede the arrival of the pope—during which Mayor Michael Nutter partied with Eagles cheerleaders and a trio from the Philadelphia Orchestra who, at one point, played the theme from Rocky. Very on-the-nose and fuck you if you don’t like it, honestly.

During the celebration, Mayor Nutter announced that, during his visit, Pope Francis is entitled to one (1) free Wawa hoagie of his choice. A generous t(h)reat. The news quickly spread on Twitter:

But will Pope Francis eat a Wawa hoagie for real? No, right? And if he does, which Wawa hoagie will he choose?

Please vote your conscience in our Wawa Pope Hoagie poll:

Thank you.

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