A Bloomington, Indiana, woman who found her soulmate on New Year's Eve is searching high and low for the missing Casanova who neglected to leave behind his contact information before disappearing into the night shortly after peeing on her leg.

Turning in desperation to her local Craigslist vertical, the heartaching Hoosier is hoping against hope that a Missed Connection post might reunite her with her Piss Charming:

You - 5'8 scruffy, glasses, wearing a blue hoodie outside the Vid and I asked you for a lighter. You lit my cigarette and we talked about our wishes for the new year. We heard the countdown starting and decided to stay outside. I started to cry and you kissed me, and then we started to make out. After a minute I felt something warm and realised that you pissed yourself. I pushed you away and that's when you ran but I wish you had stayed. You peed on me but it's OK! I just want to know who you are! Please reply and when you do tell me why I started crying so I know it's you - if you remember.

Guesses as to why our lovesick love seeker was crying go below.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, photo via Shutterstock]