It was supposed to be a night to remember. According to The Oregonian, after meeting online, Jeffrey Mack was planning to take the love of his life, Heather Dureen Hegre, out on their very first date.

The AP recounts the amorous first meeting at Arby’s:

She hopped into his vehicle at a drive-through restaurant in Wilsonville, south of Portland, and suggested he buy her a milkshake.

That’s love. That’s what love looks like.

The man obliged, because he would spare no expense for The One. He paid with a $5 bill and received two singles as change. Because the two were basically already married, Mack left his wallet in the car’s center console.

But Mack was betrayed when Hegre grabbed his wallet, hopped out of the vehicle, and took off running. There’s a happy ending, as The Oregonian reports:

Mack called 911 and provided police with the woman’s cellphone number, which deputies called, again arranging a rendezvous at Arby’s.

Around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, police spotted the woman’s maroon minivan – with Wisconsin plates – and arrested her, seizing the wallet.

She came back! (To the Arby’s!) (To get arrested!)

Mack also recovered his wallet, with the two dollars still inside.

[Photo via Associated Press]