For those niche purists who find the tasty Martian flavor of Diet Pepsi somehow off-putting, there is Pepsi One—a different, more poisonous diet soda flavor.

A new analysis of sodas by Consumer Reports found that a single can of Pepsi One contains 43.5 micrograms of a chemical called 4-MeI, far more than any other soda. That chemical is on the state of California's list of carcinogens. Any product that potentially delivers more than 29 micrograms per day of 4-MeI must carry a warning label in California. But wait— The Pepsi Corporation has thought this all out! From the LA Times:

The soda giant said the levels of 4-MeI in its drinks did not amount to 29 micrograms per day because "the average amount of diet soda consumed by those who drink it is approximately 100 [milliliters] per day, or less than a third of a 12 [ounce] can."

Hahahaha. The Pepsi Corporation is confident that none of its Pepsi One consumers will get cancer from the poison in its delicious soda, because who drinks and entire can of Pepsi One? That would be disgusting.

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