Several of my boyfriends. Gif: CNN

Donald Trump is a bloviating, toxic buffoon. On this, we can all generally agree. But how did this perpetual failure of a man get so far? And more importantly, who—or what—can we blame?

Absolutely anything you want. Because Donald Trump is everyone’s fault. (Not yours, though. You’re great.)

21. Numbers

20. Obama

19. The Voters

18. David Brooks

17. Silicon Valley

16. Andrew Sullivan

15. Idiots

14. Paul Ryan

13. Social Justice Warriors

12. Twitter

11. An Abstract Sense of Fear

10. The Media

9. Fox News Specifically

8. Definitely Not the Media

7. Not TV

6. Definitely TV

5. Ted Cruz

4. Memes

3. Angst

2. Donald Trump Himself

1. Ted Cruz’s Mask of Flesh