For at least the second time in less than a week, someone has collapsed on stage at a Bernie Sanders rally. This time, a woman nearly missed smashing her head directly into the podium. So we must ask, Bernie, what exactly are you doing to your breathless supporters?

According to our own Hamilton Nolan, who is currently on the scene in New Hampshire where the incident took place just minutes ago, “It was very dramatic” and “[Bernie] said, ‘Oh my god.’” Thank you, Hamilton. I feel like I was there.

There was no need for Bernie to run to his unconscious supporter’s aid this time, though, as the woman landed directly next to him after falling off the stands at the back of the stage. The woman was, thankfully, able to walk off, and Bernie apparently has gone right back to speaking.

Still, it’s bizarre that these fainting spells only seem to be targeting likely Bernie voters. Are they just “feeling the Bern” so intensely to the point that they literally can’t take it? Or is someone else trying to take them out one-by-one (not that another candidate would do that of course that’s not what we’re suggesting)?

If you have any information at all about this highly suspicious pattern, please do let us know. Any and all wild theories are, as always, welcome.

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