Toys "R" Us shoppers were apparently sent into a panic by a realistic diaper-changing baby doll that was a little bit more realistic than they expected. The little bit in question is the doll's tiny infant dick.

The main feature of the You & Me Mommy Diaper Boy Doll, marketed by Toys "R" Us, is that it cries when its diaper is wet. Its secondary feature is anatomical correctness, which angry parents on Facebook argue the company should have noted on the box.

"Some parents called the doll inappropriate and unnecessary for kids," the Huffington Post notes. One mother wrote, "Little girls should not be shown that on dolls. The company makes me sick," according to Monica Bayer at

Others said it should have come with "a warning label."

But it's not as if the company is undertaking a secret campaign to infect our children with anatomical knowledge. When one mom asked on the product description page whether the doll had genitalia or was "just another doll baby wearing blue and called a 'boy,''" Toys "R" Us gave her a direct answer.

To sum up: Realistic peeing action? Appropriate. Healthy. Realistic penis? Kill it with fire. Protect our children.

Bayer hits the nail on the head here: "The doll isn't harmful. What's harmful is the notion that a baby doll is disturbing or sexual because it has a penis."

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