A fraternity at Penn State university was suspended for a year on Tuesday after allegedly exchanging photos of nude, passed out women online, the Associated Press reports.

According to police, members of the school's Kappa Delta Rho fraternity set up a private Facebook page to share the pictures, some of which depicted naked women who did not appear "aware that the photos had been taken."

"I don't want to get into numbers," State College Police Assistant Chief John Gardner told CBS News, "but they were pretty disturbing."

Police say a former member of the fraternity initially tipped them off to the Facebook group, called "Covert Business Transactions."

Authorities say they are continuing their investigation, which could include criminal charges, and ask that potential victims come forward to help them identify the perpetrators.

"No arrests are being made at this time," a police spokesperson told CNN. "Unfortunately, we aren't able to identify any suspects right now because the accounts on Facebook were sanitized, wiped clean."

[Image via AP Images]