Penn State junior Mary Krupa is, according to her peers and WJAC-TV, the "Squirrel Whisperer." Over the course of her college career, she's developed a deep and lasting relationship with Sneezy the Squirrel, who seems to not mind the fact that Krupa likes to dress her up and take pictures of her. Sneezy is chill. Sneezy also has 20,000 fans on Facebook.

"As long as she has food she is completely relaxed and really comfortable with people. She is just the sweetest, laid back squirrel ever," Krupa told WJAC. In an interview with NPR, Krupa noted that peanuts are the key to getting Sneezy to sit still: "Peanuts are her favorite. I buy them in, like, five-pound bags."

And no worries guys, Krupa has human friends, too. "My parents were worried you might bullied for making friends with the squirrels," she told WJAC. "That isn't something a normal person does but people seem to really love originality and creativity." You bet they do. Look at how frickin' cute this squirrel is!

[Photos via Facebook]