A Croatian man known as "the Penis Collector" has been arrested for allegedly abusing his position as a hospital nurse to amass a large collection of human dicks, taken from the bodies of dead patients.

The unnamed 52-year-old man, who worked as a registered nurse at a city hospital in Slavonski Brod, was arrested last week on charges of disturbing the deceased, Queerty reports.

In his apartment, police found "a few glass jars" full of penises, preserved in formaldehyde.

"On behalf of all employees of the hospital, I have to say that we are very unpleasantly surprised by an event that threw a shadow over this hospital," a hospital spokesperson said, according to Queerty. "Our apologies to families of the deceased."

According to InSerbia, the suspect is "a family man" with no previous criminal record. It's not clear what led police to the man and his morbid collection.

[h/t Cooper Fleishman, Photo via Shutterstock]