Peggy Noonan—white of skin, fair of hair, pure of heart. An American, a care bear, in the state of New Hampshire, alert. Whot doth Peggy espy approaching nigh? Lo—it is those whose skin is brown. Question them, we shall.

Peggy Noonan—a female, yes, a Republican, yes, and most of all, an American, child of Reagan, the light that shineth in our eyes and hearts from morning til night. Peggy votes Republicans and seeks out all types of people, for love, and intense examination. Her Dominican friend, Cesar, who works at the deli counter; her Latina friends, who speak with lack of nonsense, in remarkably good English; her multicolored friends in the land of Brooklyn, who do rap upon the streets and thereby make known their thoughts, rudely enunciated; and so on. What we may say most assuredly is that Peggy is drawn to those mysterious fellow Americans of a darker hue, as a child is drawn to a candy cane, or as a drunken anthropologist who has been ejected from all respectable professional associations is drawn to a group of Japanese tourists that could, one must admit, be mistaken for an unknown foreign tribe.

The civic-spirited blood of The Granite State courses through Peggy’s veins.

There she is, on the trail—of campaigns, that is, pursuing the scent of Americana with a beast’s hunger and a whippoorwill’s uncommon grace. Peggy, of the family Noonan, shares with us a most startling encounter that unfolded upon the political landscape.

I keep thinking of the young woman, black, about 20, I saw departing a Sanders event with a friendly young Asian man the same age. Are you for Bernie? I asked. “Have you seen my T-shirt?” she replied, and opened her jacket: “Carson 2016.” I laughed and asked if she was trolling. She was startled. “No, we just go see all the candidates.”

Gnarled trolls, beneath a bridge of stone? Nay; it is but two members of the tribe of Youngs whose shade doth not match mine own.

What to make of this? Puzzling, indeed. I shall light a candle and meditate upon its import, with vast quantities of opium as my companion.

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