Cutting edge newspaper columnist Peggy Noonan today warns college kids about the danger of “trigger warnings.” Huh. Have you heard of this?

It’s not something I’ve heard much about before, but then again I don’t have access to the volume of up-to-the-second news that Peggy Noonan has, nor her well-honed powers of synthesis, critical thinking, and exposition. Well: it seems that the youth of today demand to be coddled and handled with kid gloves in the hallowed halls of academe. “Idiocy!” Peggy declares. How do you like that children? And another thing!

I notice lately that some members of your generation are being called, derisively, Snowflakes. Are you really a frail, special and delicate little thing that might melt when the heat is on?

At last, a voice of reason in the broad American dialogue! Peggy Noonan is a woman who once traveled to the land of Brooklyn with no concern whatsoever for her personal safety. Do you think she asked for a “trigger” warning? She did not.

Why isn’t anyone else writing about this stuff?

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